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About us

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South Australian Owned & Operated

Kirkbright Seafood Co. is a South Australian family owned seafood wholesale & retail business operating from 11 Duthy Street in Unley, South Australia.

Owner Rhys Kirkbright grew up, lived and worked on the far west coast, Eyre Peninsula, and Yorke Peninsula. Rhys has an astute eye for quality and freshness. Over the years Rhys has been able to build many close friendships with local fishermen and growers. Having built these relationships, Kirkbright Seafood Co. is able to source the freshest, best quality, sustainable local seafood including species such as crayfish, oysters and many local fish species.


Being a small family business, Kirkbright Seafood Co. prides itself on supporting other local families in the seafood industry these include families that grow, catch or transport their locally grown or caught fish and shellfish species. Following on from the arrival of the freshest seafood at the Kirkbright Seafood Co. processing factory, Rhys then maintains his passion for quality and freshness by filleting and fish processing the seafood himself. This includes the cooking of crayfish and shucking of oysters - all carried out onsite within metres of the shop front. From our factory to your dinner table, afternoon lunch or a special event.


Through direct strong relationships with local fishermen Kirkbright Seafood Co. has built a wholesale seafood business that services many pubs, restaurants and other seafood businesses in South Australia.


Customer Satisfaction
Quality & Freshness
Our values:

At Kirkbright Seafood, our values are incredibly important to us.

Quality & Freshness

At Kirkbright Seafood Co. we take pride in providing our customers with highest quality, fresh fish and seafood.

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Customer Satisfaction

At Kirkbright Seafood our aim is to have every customer leave satisfied with their experience. Our staff are friendly, understanding and always willing to assist.

One of our fantastic staff members, Emma

It is of the utmost importance to Kirkbright Seafood that all products are consistent in their quality. We ensure this with our internal quality management system, ongoing auditing and well-trained staff.

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